Project Management –  Methanol Dual Fuel Integration Newbuilding/Retrofit

We can assist with methanol transition regardless of vessel type. Our philosophy is to utilize and build on existing infrastructure to create and integrate a complete methanol solution.

Operating on a low flash point fuel involves complying with stricter regulations. We can guide you through the necessary regulatory processes when operating on a low flash point liquid fuel.

Dual Fuel Operations – Technical Advisory

Having overseen more than six years of Methanol Dual fuel operations, we have experienced all the early teething problems which come with new technology. Close cooperation with MAN-ES throughout the in-service experience has allowed further improvements to enhance the long-term reliability of Methanol technology.

Engineering Solutions

We focus on improving vessel efficiency whilst lowering your consumption. Different options are available, and we can guide you to solutions according to your requirements.

Asset Management – Best Practices

Having worked with many premium ship management companies, we know what is feasible and can assist ship owners with maintaining the highest standards at the most competitive costs.

Methanol Technology

Methanol (CH30H) is a low-emission, clean-burning fuel that is water soluble and produces less smog-causing emissions, such as sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

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